In the 12th century during the reign of Federico Barbarossa, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire the Personali family were settled in Germany and took part in the Holy Crusades.

Midway through the 13th century they crossed the Alps and settled again in northern Italy, specifically in Bedulita, under the municipality of Bergamo, in the Imagna Valley.

Whilst there, in 1308, after founding the small village known as “Case di Personé” they gained the higher rank of “counts” thanks to Emperor Arrigo VIII of Luxembourg, a character also mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s.

“Paradiso” in his Divina Commedia.

The quick growth of the family forced its founders to create new surnames for themselves in order to be easily identified. Among those chosen was “Personali”, and this specific branch of the family moved near Modena in 1472, precisely in San Giacomo Roncole of Mirandola. At that time Italy was still very far away from being a whole country. The family soon became acquainted with the élite of Modena, especially with the Pico family whose greatness still shines bright within the castle of Mirandola.

In the 12th century the “Sons of Manfredo”, from which the Pico family derived, built a ghibelline crenelated tower near Modena, this became the first home to the Personali dinasty. Then by the end of the 15th century the Counts of Mirandola gave away the keep of San Giacomo Roncole to the Personali Counts. It was surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge which were then conjoined with new buildings that made up the villa.

The nickname “La Personala” came from the surname of the Counts who owned the villa and it was only later, around the 20th century, that the kinship with the noble house of Ferri came to life and along with it, the addition of its surname. The house soon became a place for nobility, a landmark for the local community and where ordinary judicial trials took place.

On Via Personali, next to the villa, stands the family oratory, dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It was built during the first half of the 17th century by Count Francesco Personali for his convenience, given the great distance from the nearest church. The same oratory was later enriched with a chapel for festive masses. Around 1860 it was renewed and blessed from the provost Giuseppe Fei.

From the 90s on, the villa became a luxurious place for celebrating weddings and events: right here, in 2011, took place the wedding of the showgirl Maddalena Corvaglia and the famous guitarist Stef Burns, officiated by Vasco Rossi.

In 2012 the tragic earthquake that hit the whole Modena district, caused the collapse of the tower and part of the villa. In 2021 it has been rebuilt and now Villa La Personala is ready to host people and events from all over the world and shine again in its luxurious splendour.