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The Countess with Connections: Discover how an Italian Contessa transformed her family’s medieval castle into a charming boutique hotel and calls on her personal power network to create exclusive excursions

Every city has its must-see attractions, but for an authentic travel experience and a taste of local culture, you have to go where the locals go.
Modena, Italy, located northwest of Bologna is known worldwide as a jewel in the heart of Emilia-Romagna. Famous for its Balsamic vinegar and tortellini, the city boasts art and architecture and legendary motors, too.
The luxury auto houses Lamborghini and Ferrari including Scuderia Ferrari, Formula 1, the brand’s racing division, all call it home.
It’s also full of hidden gems you won’t find in any travel brochure.
To get into the hotspots, you need to know someone — enter Countess Angelica Ferri Personali.

Countess Angelica is the owner of Villa La Personala, an enchanting countryside residence nestled in the heart of the region. It was once the estate of Italian noblemen, and also Angelica’s former childhood home.
In 2022 she converted it into a boutique hotel and multicultural center hosting private events and customized experiences celebrating all that the location and her connections have to offer!

Daily Mail’s US Style Director got a personalized itinerary on her recent visit.

A Medieval Manor Reborn
Villa La Personala’s original structure was a watchtower built by Italian military architects in the 12th Century as a lookout during periods of battle.
By the 14th Century, the ancient construction was transformed into a villa with the addition of two buildings on either side of the tower.
In 2012, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake destroyed the original Ghibelline battlements leaving other parts of the building in ruins, but its fairytale charm couldn’t be shaken and remains intact today.
Upon my arrival in the wood-beamed lobby with its museum-worthy chandelier, vintage chairs, and Persian rug I was immediately transported to another time.